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one city, which is many cities, and its people


Les Communes De Paris


An online documentary on the "Grand Paris".

Loïc is a butcher at Rungis, Nathanaël a consultant at La Défense, Volkan is a head foreman on the Ile Seguin, Jean-Noël just got out of prison, an urban revival architect looks back on his project many years after, some Situationists drift away, Cathy drives her metro train, Tommy flies around Paris, Rémi delves into the catacombs.

All these Parisians on the move draw a living portrait of the "Grand Paris". Their paths cross, you choose who you want to follow.
Let yourself fall into Paris and its border cities, that is its "banlieue"... into a metropolis with imprecise limits.

Les Communes de Paris explores the voices of the city:
it is a trip to the heart of this urban center,
and into the hearts of its people.